Saturday, October 17, 2015

Chicken Pad Thai

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free Chicken Pad Thai

I got this recipe from my, Paleo Takeout, cookbook. Likewise, the recipe is found in the Domestic Man's Blog: click here for the recipe.

This recipe was a fun adventure in my kitchen. After cooking and tasting it, I knew where I could have done better:

  • Not all tamarind paste are created equal. I still need to go out and sample a lot to get the ideal taste.
  • The secret is not to put too much noodles, which I did. 
  • I used cashews instead of macadamia nuts. It wasn't bad. It tasted fantastic alone when sauteed with the garlic. But next time, macadamia nuts will be used.
That being said, the taste is good. I'd set it apart from the Pad Thai ordered from restaurants, but I do need to do a bit of tweaking because I believe I didn't do this recipe justice. 

Pad Thai Sauce

This was my favourite. Garlic and nuts, sauteed together to a crisp burn. I could sit and eat this as is.


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